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As a leading service provider, innovator, quality, and deliveries in creating sustainable growth for businesses and communities, we are forcused on developing solutions to connect people, businesses, and communities for a better future

Logisticts/ LTT

We understand your unique and intricate mining logistics, transport and trucking needs. Choose us for dependability on the supply chain.


Our mining logistics solutions and services

Our logistics solutions are reliable, agile, and cost-efficient, as well as offer increased transparency and coordination to optimise production planning and supply chain efficiency. The mining industry requires comprehensive logistics services and solutions to enable smooth transportation of materials from mines, processing plants and inventories to railways, ports, ships, and finally to the destination markets. We pride ourselves in the following.

1. Cargo shipping, ship chartering and bareboat contracting

2. Heavy-lift, break bulk, towage, and stevedoring services

3. Dry-bulk transit forwarding services

4. Heavy machinery shipping services

Mining floats, dollies, trailers, rigid crane trucks, liquid tankers, and side-tippers

5. Customised ore wagons, and bottom and side dumpers

6. Customs clearance, container handling, warehousing, and transit services

7. On-board load and discharge supervision

8. Helicopter transport service

9. Customised coach, bus, and transport services for mining site personnel

10. Logistics consultancy, planning, survey, and project management


Mining of minerals like iron ore boulders. We forcus on people, environment, economic performance, and stakeholders.

General Supply

General and mineral supply of materials like murram, Iron ore, pozzollona, clincker, coal etc.

Our Strategy and Core Values

We seek to execute our vision through our plans for sustained profitable production and continued exploration success.


We value the safety of all our team members, and we provide them with training and support to mitigate risks that are inherent to the industry.


We seek to be open and accountable to all our stakeholders, and to provide clear communications about our operations, policies and programs.


We behave ethically and honestly, and we respect the laws and customs of the areas in which we operate.

Environmental Stewardship

We develop strong and mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which we conduct business, and we take steps to both minimize our impact on the environment and maximize restoration of local ecosystems


We foster an environment of inclusion where all are welcome and encouraged to collaborate in order to achieve company goals.


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